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A boutique yeast supplier driven by science, innovation and the love for the finest craft brews

Elevate your brewing game and discover the transformative power of our tailored yeast solutions.

Experience the difference with our meticulously crafted, science-backed propagation process that ensures every batch of yeast is delivered fresh and brimming with vitality.

Take control of your fermentation process with our premium yeasts and expert support, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable outcome every time.

Experience the joy of consistent, predictable, and extraordinary fermentation. Cheers to your brewing success!

Discover our values

We believe in science, we offer reliable and trustworthy partnerships and we care about Mother Earth

You deserve it!

Our science-backed propagation process and cold chain supply solutions limit environment harnessing and ensure that you get the freshest and happiest yeasts, bursting with vitality. 

ALE yeast

Explore our version of classical ale yeast and our innovative non-GMO strains for thiotransformation and low diacetyl production.

Lager yeast

Let your lagers shine with our unique and niche lager yeast or go for our version of well-known industry standards.

KVEIK yeast

Are you already bored with kveiks? We are still intimidated with their powerfull fermentation capabilities. Try yourself to brew a quick pseudo-lager or hard seltzer if you will.

Bretts & Co.

We have been quite obsessed with spontaneous fermentations, but their complexity needs our further research. For now, have a look on our Brett strains, keep an eye on exceptional blends of microorganisms for traditional belgian beers and Kombucha cultures.

Join the league of exceptional breweries who trust us to deliver excellence in every yeast strain.

Elevate your brewing game and discover the transformative power of our tailored yeast solutions.

Our products

Immerse yourself into the world of sublime flavors with the help of our products. We have prepared them based on quality, and innovation that will enrich your taste experience.


Our knowledge base offers expert answers to your burning questions about fermentation, providing valuable guidance for craft beer brewers. Ready to expand your fermentation knowledge toolkit? Ask us your most pressing fermentation questions and let’s embark on a flavorful journey together!


Can’t find what you are looking for your next brew or how to solve your fermentation issue? Contact us. We can work together to meet your needs or solve your fermentation problems.