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Services & colsunting

At Yeast Side Labs, we offer a comprehensive range of services and consulting to meet your specific needs. Our expertise spans across various industries, making us your ideal partner in achieving your goals.

Here's how we can assist you:

In the ever-evolving field of biotechnology, we provide invaluable support, including laboratory services and expert guidance in fermentation processes. Our experience allows us to offer test-batches and comprehensive molecular and genetics services. Partnering with our colleagues at .PROT sp. z o.o., who are  exceptional scientists who specialize in high-throughput molecular data analysis, we’re well-equipped to meet your biotech needs.

For breweries

For breweries looking to up their game, we offer a range of tailored services


Elevate your brewery's capabilities with our specialized courses, covering yeast handling and fundamental lab procedures designed specifically for your brewery.

Lab Supplies

We provide a selection of lab supplies, including ready-to-use and DIY powder agar media for microbiological testing in your brewery lab. Our viability staining dye ensures precision in your yeast counting.

Laboratory Services

Count on us for contamination checks and assistance in routine QA/QC procedures, ensuring your products meet the highest quality standards.

Fermentation Consulting

Benefit from our expertise in fermentation processes, enhancing the quality and consistency of your brews

Microorganisms Banking

Safeguard your brewery's unique strains with our expert microorganisms banking services.


Explore the world of genetics with services such as PCR profiling and DNA sequencing services, enabling you to know your potential beer spoilers and interesting wild-caught microbiota.

For Pharma and Biotech Companies:

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, precision and innovation are paramount. We offer specialized services tailored to your industry needs:

Technologies Optimization

Improve your bioprocesses with our cutting-edge technology development services.

Protein Synthesis

Utilize biological systems for efficient protein synthesis and purification.

Microorganism Development

Develop novel microorganisms using hybridization and genetic engineering techniques to advance your projects.

Fermentation Consulting

Benefit from our deep understanding of fermentation processes to optimize your operations.

At Yeast Side Labs, we're committed to driving innovation, quality, and excellence in every project we undertake. Discover how our expertise can elevate your operations—partner with us today!


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