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A boutique liquid yeast supplier founded by passionate scientist, dedicated to help you brew a top-notch beers

Your Partner in Craft Brewing Excellence

Welcome to Yeast Side Labs, a boutique liquid yeast supplier at the forefront of the craft beer brewing scene in Europe. Founded in 2023 by a passionate scientist, whose mission is to empower brewers like you to create truly exceptional, top-notch beers.

At our facility, we operate as more than just a propagation center. We are a dynamic fermentation research hub and a trusted quality assessment center, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of flavor and innovation. With a vast microorganism collection boasting over 100 carefully curated yeast, bacteria isolates, and co-cultures, gathered from across the globe by our visionary founder, we offer an unparalleled selection of brewing agents.

Since our inception, we have proudly collaborated with the finest breweries in Poland, serving as their go-to resource for sourcing house yeast strains, establishing optimal fermentation parameters, and guiding their quality control programs.

Our expertise lies not only in traditional yeast strains but also in our affinity for niche varieties, enabling you to differentiate yourself from the sea of W34/70-tasted beers.

Beyond supplying premium yeast, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of the flavor game. Our team is passionate about experimenting with novel microbes, constantly seeking to isolate or hybridize both classic and one-of-a-kind yeast strains. With an unwavering love for yeast, fermented food and beverages, nature, and the craft beer community, we bring an unparalleled level of dedication and expertise to every collaboration.

Discover our core yeast strains offer, lab media, services and QC/QA solutions.

Have a request for organic or gluten free media? Want to bank a proprietary strain? We got you covered!
ALE yeast

Explore our version of classical ale yeast and our innovative non-GMO strains for thiotransformation and low diacetyl production.

Lager yeast

Let your lagers shine with our unique and niche lager yeast or go for our version of well-known industry standards.

KVEIK yeast

Are you already bored with kveiks? We are still intimidated with their powerfull fermentation capabilities. Try yourself to brew a quick pseudo-lager or hard seltzer if you will.

Bretts & Co.

We have been quite obsessed with spontaneous fermentations, but their complexity needs our further research. For now, have a look on our Brett strains, keep an eye on exceptional blends of microorganisms for traditional belgian beers and Kombucha cultures.

We care about communities we live in!

  • We are a proud collaborator of PSBR (Polish Society of Craft Breweries) and member of PSPD (Polish Society of Homebrewers), MBAA (Master Brewers Association of Americas), ASBC (American Society of Brewing Chemist).
  • Our product are Kosher. Can be also organic or gluten free for special enquiries.
  • We care about the Mother Earth, so we implement any solution possible to reduce our carbon footprint and maintain the sustainability of our production.
About the founder

Meet Kamil, a scientist holding diplomas in Biotechnology and Cell Biology, as well as a PhD degree in Neuroscience. With a deep-rooted commitment to quality, he is driven by a visionary spirit and a firm belief that fresh, healthy, and top-quality yeasts should be easily accessible to craft brewers in Poland.

As an avid enthusiast of pure lagers, exquisite Belgian styles, and harmoniously balanced IPAs, Kamil’s passion for diverse flavors shines through. His scientific background empowers him to approach fermentation with a unique blend of precision and creativity, ensuring exceptional outcomes.

During his homebrewing journey, Kamil’s scientific inclination naturally led him to take a more technical view of the fermentation process. Drawing from this experience, he applies scientific principles and meticulous attention to detail in his own brewing and fermenting practices.

With Kamil at the helm, our mission is to bring you not only top-quality yeasts but also an unparalleled dedication to your brewing success. Join us in the pursuit of extraordinary flavors and elevate your craft to new heights.


Can’t find what you are looking for your next brew or how to solve your fermentation issue? Contact us. We can work together to meet your needs or solve your fermentation problems.