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Want to know more about the Yeast Side Labs founder? Have a look! 


Meet Kamil, our CEO, a scientist with a drive for exploring the wonders of cell biology, genetics, fermentation and memory processing. However, Kamil’s journey transcends the confines of the laboratory; he is also an avid homebrewer and a fervent advocate for the art and science of fermentation. Join us as we delve into the brief autoportrait of Kamil who aspires to bridge the gap between science and the world of craft brewing.


Kamil’s expertise spans across Biotechnology, Cell Biology, and Neuroscience. As a Principal Investigator, he made significant contributions to the realm of memory research, discovering a region in the mouse brain responsible for the transition between old and fresh fear memory extinction. His work can contribute to the field by paving the way to potential therapeutic approaches, offering hope to patients with phobias and PTSD.

During his academic journey, Kamil collaborated with prestigious institutions, including the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Sorbonne Universities in Paris and Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. His dedication and achievements earned him the honor of leading a National Science Center Research Project, recognized as the best young researcher’s projects in Poland at the time.


Beyond the world of academia, Kamil embarked on an exciting brewing journey in 2014. What started as a homebrewing hobby quickly evolved into a deep passion. Fueling his fascination for fermentation, Kamil honed his skills and gained an affinity for yeast and its vital role in crafting exceptional beers. 

Last year (between 2022 and 2023), he was associated with Moon Lark brewery, as Head of the laboratory. He set up the lab, yeast propagation plant and QC/QA procedures for this outstanding brewery.


Data-driven and detail-oriented, Kamil embraces a scientific approach to brewing that elevates his craft to new heights. Implementing online fermentation control tools like iSpindel, back in the days, was his personal game changer, that allowed him to observe the pace of fermentation and fine-tune temperature adjustments for the perfect flavor outcome. His scientific background empowers him to understand intricate biological processes, while maintaining controlled conditions serves as a guiding principle in both his scientific and brewing endeavors.


As an ardent believer in knowledge-sharing, Kamil immersed himself in the brewing community. He became an active member of the Polish Society of Homebrewers (PSPD), where he generously shares his passion and expertise with fellow brewers.


Kamil’s favorite occupation is tinkering about and improving the processes, both inhouse and in our clients facilities. 


Favorite part of the processquality assessment.

Stabilo or Sharpie? Stabilo OH Pen S

Favorite yeast strain: Nürnberger Lager YS007

Favorite beverage: 1. beer,  2. coffee

Favorite beer style: Czech light lager with a decent dose of diacetyl 🙂

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